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The Unseen 


The Unseen                                                                                      March 27, 2017 

When the sunsets, what is beyond the horizon? 

Anything? Everything? Nothing? 

Are there dimensions’ unseen? Particles Unknown? 

While living our lives day to day I often wonder 

What actions are taking place around us that we do not see? 

This world is vast with beauty beyond compare. 

But, what are we comparing it to? 

Our knowledge is constricted by the boundaries 

Of our enlightenment, we only know that which we have seen. 

What about the things we cannot see. 

I can’t help but think if our perception changed, 

So, would our thoughts on the world which we live. 

Beauty is in the eye of the one who sees, 

Knowledge is from the one who knows all things. 

Oh, you of little faith, just imagine how big God is, 

And how small our perception is. 

Open yours hearts to the many wonders God has waiting for you, 

Once you step outside the strands of constraint of our perception 

And into a world without boundaries.

 Lindsy Cummings

The Journey 

The Journey 

What is one’s destiny? To live, to die? Why do we as humanity try so hard to be what we are not? We sell ourselves short every day for the approval of man. Is not the price He paid enough incentive to make us want to be just as he planned us to be? Are we not His creation? As I sit here and self-reflect on my life gone past, I am so grieved. I have made so many decision out of fear, out of anger, out of the lust of my flesh, out of uncertainty. I have hurt so many, through words and actions. If only I could take back all the wrongs I have done in this life time and just be brave enough to love without fear and throw caution to the wind, what a great and mighty vessel of God I could have been for His honor and Glory. So, that leaves me at a cross roads….do I sit idle and grieve over the past, what could have been, or do I square my shoulders lift my head high, knowing who I am in Him. Prepare for my future living the rest of my life devoted to living as God intended, fearless, without relent, with reckless abandon, strong, unwavering, doing His will and purpose…. Well, I don’t know about the rest of you but I chose the latter. I will no longer live my life with what others think in mind, but only what the eternal things are speaking through Him who speaks all things. So, let the journey begin.

Lindsy Cummings

As a side note, I would like to pay tribute to my amazing Husband, Robby Cummings, Truly you are a gift from God! You have taught me so many lessons, how to love, how to forgive, and how to not be afraid to be me. I am eternally grateful God gave me you, to help me heal and walk out this journey we call life! Love Love Baby!

The Struggle is Real  

The Struggle is Real! 

How many people can relate to this image of my lamp by my bedside. It is duct taped and hanging on by a thread. Yet, we still hold on to it for dear life as if we will never have the opportunity to purchase another lamp again. Well, this is the story of my life. Why do we so often hold on to the things God so desperately wants us to let go of? Robby and I have so many times tried and tried again to achieve greatness through our own power and our own understanding, falling short every time. It has cost us big time in every area of our lives. And, like this broken lamp we were and still are at times holding on by a thread praying that we get it right. We have been through so many trials and so many tribulations, most of which could have been avoided if we would have only humbled ourselves and been obedient. Even now on our current journey we are facing some trails finically we were not prepared for, BUT GOD! Oh, his grace is sufficient! So, I am going to take the advice of my new found pastor, Pastor Jamie Tuttle, and I am not going to place a magnifying glass on all the woes and wrongs in my life. I am going to take this opportunity to place a magnifying glass on all that God has done for Robby and I as of late. Oh, God is so GOOD! 

Robby and I have been married for 20 years. We have 4 beautiful children, Brianna 20, Ethan 16, Malaki 14 and Isaiah 9. We have lived in Ruffin, SC for nearly all of the 20 years on a 100+ areas of family land. Robby has pursued a life of ministry from a very young age, holding nothing back and going after God with all that he is. I have always been little more focused on my children in my early years and on being a nurse in more recent years. It has given me the opportunity to help support Robby in the ministry. He has traveled with his band Beyond the Veil for the last several years all over the place. About 4 to 5 years ago Robby and I heard the Call of the Father to Move to TN. We had confirmation after confirmation through people we never even met. We knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that was what we were suppose to do. Now, how many of you out there know you have heard the voice of the Father but did not obey? Yep, That is what we did, fearful and afraid we stayed right where we were at safe and sound and finally stable. It was ok at first, BUT THEN GOD! Slowly and surly God began to lift his hands off of us until we were lost and afraid even in our safe place. Robby bought a boat and all but quit the ministry he strived so hard for. About two months ago Robby came to me very upset and he said Lindsy I think we missed God, His anointing has left and I don't feel him anymore. I think about TN everyday but I don't know what to do. We might have missed our chance. Well, what Robby didn't know was that a even bigger blow was coming. I had been looking for a house and was going to leave. I had been unhappy for so long and felt like we would never be able to recover from our disobedience. BUT THEN GOD! Everything changed in an instant as Robby and I confessed to one another our short comings and faults, our disobedience, our lack of understanding one another and giving up so easily out of fear. We made a promise right then and there that we were going to give our marriage 110% and that we were going to obey God at any cost. Let me tell you when your life is falling apart and you are so desperate for God and his will in your life fear vanishes! The only fear we felt at that point was the Fear of God! At this point we new what if felt like to be without Him and His anointing. And, even now it is still so fresh, we would rather be poor and even face death then to be disobedient and outside the will of the Father! Let me just tell you, from the moment we said yes God, the doors have swung open. We spent time with God separately and together. God began to heal all the brokenness our disobedience had caused. God gave us a strategy through Betty Lungquest on how to move forward and she revealed that God was going to open one door at a time and as we walked through them the next would open. First was location location locations. God told us separately that we were to relocate to Cleveland TN. Neither of us went into this even knowing that area. God said Cleveland and we said yes. Then, We took our children to the mountains to break it to them that the only home they knew was going to be no more. We were prepared for the battle. But, THEN GOD! All kids were on board! Miracle you say, no not a miracle, all God! Then, when I woke up the next morning following telling the children I heard God plan as day to apply to the HCA facility in Chattanooga TN. He was specific with which Job he wanted me to take and where to apply. So I did just that, within an hour I had a call back and my first interview. So, we went from NC to Cleveland to scout out a place to live. We found exactly what we were looking for all by God, it was an unlisted house and the owner just happened to be there as we drove by. He agreed to a month to month lease and all my animals were welcome. By the end of the week, I had a new job, a house and all my kids enrolled into there new school. We went home and packed and moved to Cleveland within 2 weeks from the time we said Yes to the Lord. 

Since our arrival here God has been on the move! Doors have open and relationships have been being established. If I could send out one message to the world today it would be: OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THEN ANYTHING!!!! God, is so good all the time. He just needs us to be willing participants in this journey with him. Since Robby and I have said yes, we can feel Him again. His presence is all around us even in the mist of some of the struggle that comes with being in a new place and trying to get everyone where they need to be God is there. I have struggled with PTSD and Anxiety for years. I have been medicated and have been through countless hours of therapy. I just want to testify that since I have said yes to God and Started walking in His truth and His path that he has set before me i have been anxiety free. I was telling my husband just the other day, the anxiety is gone and I have lived with it for so long I am not even sure how to act. I love it, its like this heavy load of the past is gone. So, if there is anything that can be learned from Robby and I’s struggle please let it be that we learn to say Yes to God no matter how scary it may seem, no matter how much you think you have to give up. Just SAY YES GOD!!! 

We Love You All So Much! 

Robby and Lindsy Cummings 

And children

Beyond The Veil 

Psalms 91, He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress;
My God, in Him I will trust.

Beyond the veil is where we need to be, this is our place of refuge, He is our fortress. To His little warrior bride he is calling her to his side, to wake up from her slumber...and fill the lamp! The time is now, the storm is in the horizon and the Kingdom of Yah is at hand. I believe this song is a prophetic message to the bride to wake up and get ready. A call to the nations come and worship the KING!!

Beyond The Veil 

Psalms 91, He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress;
My God, in Him I will trust.”

Beyond the veil is where we need to be, this is our place of refuge, He is our fortress. To His little warrior bride he is calling her to his side, to wake up from her slumber...and fill the lamp! The time is now, the storm is in the horizon and the Kingdom of Yah is at hand. I believe this song is a prophetic message to the bride to wake up and get ready. A call to the nations come and worship the KING!!

Back to our Father 

Consider the enormous significance of this monumental historical event. Picture Jesus' loud and painful cry "it is finished" (Jn.19:30), as the Roman solder plunges a spear deep into his side and his life blood drains to the ground. At the same instant, the Temple veil tears apart as a powerful earthquake shakes Jerusalem. Furthermore, picture the high priest who having just condemned Jesus to death the night before was splashing the blood of Passover lambs against the altar of God.

When Jesus cried out "it is finished" and the curtain tore, the relationship between God and humanity was altered forever. The tearing of the curtain of separation from top to bottom forever opens the way for all humanity to eventually fellowship directly with God the Father.

Beyond The Veil.


Happy to announce that the new CD "Story OF A King" will be fully released on Jan 1st. Story Of A King is a contemplation of the newest songs caught live during 2011, the whole album is LIVE!!

You Never Know 

Have an inspiring story to share with you all. This Saturday morning BTV was rehearsing at a local church. We had a productive morning as we got rough cuts laid down on 3 new songs. As it drew close to the time that we had to leave we started just “jamming in the spirit” if you will. We do that a lot. Its as much about hearing the music as it is feeling it. So there we were, all playing what ever came to us. Robby was singing in the sprit what ever came into his heart. I happened to open my eyes and look towards the entrance to the church and saw a stranger standing there. He quickly ducked back behind the entrance wall. After we finally finished Richard went to see if that stranger was still there because none of us knew him and he wasn’t a member of the church. Richard found this gentleman standing behind the entrance wall just weeping uncontrollably. Richard asked him if he was okay, if he needed help. The man stated that he just happened to be walking by the church and heard this amazing sound coming from it that unexplainably drew him inside to see what it was. He said he was okay and started to leave. Richard invited him in to meet us and pray with us but he just really wanted to leave. So here’s the thing. “You never know” when your praise, worship and living your life for God will touch someone when they need it most - so never stop !!

What Do You Think? 

Hey Friends,
Joey here. So at our rehearsal this past weekend, we had some interesting discussions. These discussions got me thinking and thinking got me praying and praying got me dreaming. Now, I’m all excited but not sure what to think about it so I am putting my thoughts out for your feedback. Here is the dream – Low Country Worshipping Arts Center. A venue/building where anyone – musicians, painters, sculptures, etc, anyone who worships through art, can bring their art to the people. As a struggling musician, I know how hard it is to find places to play praise and worship music. Outside of churches, there just isn’t much opportunity for the smaller, yet to be discovered, artists to share their passion with other believers.
Imagine a place where any worship artist would be accepted. A venue where any night of the week – Love for God is on display through all forms of art. A place where families could take their kids and know it is family friendly. I’m not talking about another church – I’m talking about a place where people go to see and join in artistic worship of our Savior. No denominations, no religious customs, no preaching – just a place for people to gather and worship. Stealing a line from one of my favorite artists, Kim Walker, a place to have a “Love encounter with God” any night of the week.
So what do you all think? I continue to pray about this in hopes of figuring out if this is really a “God Thing” or just my own crazy imagination. I would love to hear feedback from you. Positive or Negative – I need feedback. Pray about it. Tell me what you hear. My dreams of this place are big – so big that they will only happen if it truly is a “God Thing”.

Thanks for reading, God Bless

Joey (BTV)

Fall Show Schedule 

Ok friends. We are currently in the process of trying to hammer down our fall show schedule. If you are in a church group, involved with a fall festival, in a college group, or know of any family/youth events that you think would be a good match with BTV's Contemporary Christian music then please contact us asap about playing for your event. The sooner you contact us, the better choice of available dates you will have. Have a blessed day and thank you in advance.