You Never Know

Have an inspiring story to share with you all. This Saturday morning BTV was rehearsing at a local church. We had a productive morning as we got rough cuts laid down on 3 new songs. As it drew close to the time that we had to leave we started just “jamming in the spirit” if you will. We do that a lot. Its as much about hearing the music as it is feeling it. So there we were, all playing what ever came to us. Robby was singing in the sprit what ever came into his heart. I happened to open my eyes and look towards the entrance to the church and saw a stranger standing there. He quickly ducked back behind the entrance wall. After we finally finished Richard went to see if that stranger was still there because none of us knew him and he wasn’t a member of the church. Richard found this gentleman standing behind the entrance wall just weeping uncontrollably. Richard asked him if he was okay, if he needed help. The man stated that he just happened to be walking by the church and heard this amazing sound coming from it that unexplainably drew him inside to see what it was. He said he was okay and started to leave. Richard invited him in to meet us and pray with us but he just really wanted to leave. So here’s the thing. “You never know” when your praise, worship and living your life for God will touch someone when they need it most - so never stop !!

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