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  1. Clean Hands

From the recording No Greater Love


Verse 1:
I close my eyes and wonder just how long it will be
until we're together how my soul longs for the I can see the fire in your eyes but I am not afraid for your love it draws me in God I want to see your face.

Verse 2:
Father you are holy righteous and true
if there's any good whin me it all comes from you
your mercy like a river it carries me away and your love is like the morning sun on a cold dark winters day

Course :
so do you have us clean hands oh God
purify our hearts
give us clean hands of God
purify our hearts
we want to see....God
We want to see....God
We want to see... God
We want to see...God

verse 3:
The Earth earth is the Lords and it's full Ness there of..
every thing around me and everything adove
Who can stand in your holy place or climb the mountain of your grace
those with clean hands and a pure hearts will see your face ...