From the recording If My People


Come and meet me in the garden of love
Come and meet me in the garden of love
I will wipe all the tears from your eyes
When you meet me in the garden tonight...

Verse 1:
My past always reminds me
Of who I was or who I should be
Still I know Your truth remains
When loneliness surrounds me
In the darkness I am searching
Then I hear you call my name...

Verse 2:
I believe that you have saved me
From myself your love has changed me
Your blood has made me clean.
For so long my soul been searching
And though I know I don’t deserve this
Still you come and you wait for me.

Verse 3:
To the gardens where I’m going
For too long my souls been thirsty
I want to see where the water flows...
You are bread and I am hungry
You are water I am thirsty
Come now and make me whole
Your love is the only thing
Oh your love is the inly thing
That can heal my soul