From the recording Long Long Road

This song was widen by Robby's wife Lindsy. It is a song of returning back to the place of intimacy with Aba God.. The garden it the secret place where our Father is calling us to.. To worship in spirit and truth.


Come and meet me in the garden of love
Come and meet me in the garden of love
I will wipe all the tears from your eyes
When you meet me in the garden tonight...

Verse 1:
My past always reminds me
Of who I was or who I should be
Still I know Your truth remains
When loneliness surrounds me
In the darkness I am searching
Then I hear you call my name...

Verse 2:
I believe that you have saved me
From myself your love has changed me
Your blood has made me clean.
For so long my soul been searching
And though I know I don’t deserve this
Still you come and you wait for me.

Verse 3:
To the gardens where I’m going
For too long my souls been thirsty
I want to see where the water flows...
You are bread and I am hungry
You are water I am thirsty
Come now and make me whole
Your love is the only thing
Oh your love is the inly thing
That can heal my soul