1. Storm

From the recording Long Long Road

Robby wrote this song for his wife Lindsy during the time when she lost here Father. This was a very difficult time for our family.. The Lord led us to know that no matter the storm He can see the bigger picture and to the ones who put there trust in Him will one day be with Him for all eternity. Is song to the late Pastor Arthur Jackson Lee..


Verse 1:
I'm in a storm Can’t see the sun lifes pressing in There’s Nowhere to run.
On my knees once again Don't think I can make it, through this mess that Im in.

Chorus 1:
I know that your word never fails but Ive got to believe
If I could just get past myself then maybe Id see
You're always there You never leave
In the midst of my storm You're all I need.

Verse 2:
You never said life would never go wrong
Stepping stones
But you promised
Those who endured to the end
Would sit at your table
Drink from your cup
And never thirst again
I Trust in you Father You are the one.
Who can bring me peace in the mist of the storm
I trust you Father but
I gotta give you my all..
It takes everything to bring you praise
You are my God You know all of my ways
I trust you Father to catch me when I fall

Tag 3:
You bring sight to the blind and bread to the hungry
Water of life to the sick and the lonely
If I drink of you Jesus
I will never be thirsty again