From the recording Long Long Road


Story of a King
Robby Cummings

This is the story of a King, that’s unlike any other King you’ve ever seen.
He came from heaven down to earth, not for riches or self worth but for you and me.

With his blood he paid the price for the sin that griped my life
He came and set me free.

He was the perfect sacrifice, and now the man that saved my life
I hear him calling me

Many are called but few are chosen
will you stay or will you go, He’s calling
I hear him calling
We changed his name to suit our tongue, separated from the one,
Who’s love we sing

We dressed him up to look like us, to hide the truth of who he was
Jewish king
For his bride he will return, not much longer will he yearn
To place a ring
On the hand of all who stayed, bound by truth until the day
Of messiah king

We followed not his ways, and so creep by the days
Without him hear
Learn the truth and not the lie, for restoration by and by
To bring us near
To the one who’s holy calls, because of love he paid it all
So the story tell
Because no matter what the cost, he will gather all the lost of Israel
Yeshuah Israel see less