From the recording Long Long Road


Title: We Wait on You

Sitting here with the sun on my face
Thinking about Your amazing grace
and how every time when I call Your name
You're right there

Through all the doubts and through all my fears
The words I love you still ring in my ears
and how I am changed just because You're near
You’re beautiful

How many times we've fallen away
But You're right there still calling my name now

I'm breaking open this bottle of praise
You're glorious, so glorious

Have you not heard and have you not seen
the everlasting Father knows everything

So lift up your eyes and see these things
the host of heaven He calls them by name

So we’ll run and not grow weary
we’ll walk and not faint
as we wait, as we wait

Gonna fly like an eagle
our spirit will sore
as we wait oh as we wait

We wait on You
We wait on You
No one else will do
we wait on You

We will run and not grow weary
Walk and not faint
We wanna fly just like an eagle
Those who choose to wait

So we wait on You…