From the recording Come Up On The Mountain


When you’re tired and feeling alone
Stress of life and your strength is gone
Sometimes it feels like darkness all around
And you find yourself with your face to the ground

There is hope and he’s calling your name Father you’re the favorite for one and you never change
You are my father you are my piece
You are my Jireh all that I need
Like a lighthouse with darkness all around
No matter the pain I’m out of the storm. Hope can always be found in you.

If you think you’ve lost your way
He knows right where you are
And when you’re feeling all alone. I’m here to tell you he’s not far away.
Sometimes life gives you stones
But lift up your head, don't forget that the stones have been rolled away .
We can do anything, we can do anything, if we just
We can do anything, we can do anything
Mountains be removed oceans we’ll walk through. We can do anything.
Mountains be removed oceans will walk through. We can do anything.