1. Love Came Down

From the recording Love Came Down


Love Came Down
Robby Cummings

Verse 1:
When your love came down,
found me on the ground
With all I have poured out
I'm at your mercy now
Guilty and ashamed, with no one left to blame
When your love came down found me on the ground

Verse 2:
Than I heard a voice, coming from the inside,
was the voice of my father, says every things gone be alright.
Do not be afraid, you are not alone
Let the one thats with out sin, let them cast the first stone.
So open up your eyes and take a look around.
Where are your accusers now
There nowhere to be found, There nowhere to be found...

You've been set free, you've been set free...oh oh
You are my child and I forgive you, so rise and sin no more

Though the world it will condemn you I am the open door....
You've been set free... . .

There's an open door, its time to go home now
He's waiting for you.
What you waiting for, can you feel the power of love calling you...

I'm going home...I'm going home...
I'm going home...I'm going home...